Awakening to the Light

The process of realizing our life’s purpose can take a lifetime. Our life’s purpose is what guides us as we go through life. It often continues to unfold like a blossoming flower with each experience and challenge we face. With each shift in consciousness we allow in more light, more wisdom, and embody less ego. With each shift comes the realization that there is yet another level to strive for, another petal yet to unfold, another lesson to learn. The more we open up to the light, the more light we have to share. The greatest gift we can bring to the world is to share our light.

When we share our light we are radiating the essence of who we are. That essence includes our passion, wisdom, understanding and love. Part of our life’s purpose is to be a beacon of light and inspiration for others. Being who we truly are awakens us to our ultimate purpose. Once we awaken to our purpose, we recognize it to be our guiding force in life.  

Many share their light through their profession, particularly if it involves teaching, writing or healing. Often, however, it’s those small, nearly invisible, acts that are the most powerful, such as offering a smile, sending the energy of love to someone who looks sad or mentally blessing a stranger on the street. By being totally present in the moment, we are able to share the light with all those souls we brush up against each day.

In order to be the light and share the light, we must accept the way things are rather than live in denial. According to Lama Surya Das, acceptance is not synonymous with complacency, as many today seem to think. Acceptance is seeing how things truly are and taking responsibility for what we can do to improve them. Being the light, even in challenging times, is only part of our responsibility. We must also see the light in everyone and every situation. Even in the darkest of times, there is light.

We can only share our light by our example. We cannot be the light for someone else and cannot give our light away to another. If we try to become the light for someone else and do the work for them, our path goes dark. Then we have nothing to share.

We must focus on being present, being in the divine moment, accepting what is and then taking responsibility for seeing the light within all things. When we do this there is more light to share to brighten the lives of those we love, our families, our communities and our world. It is then, in that moment, that we are in alignment with our true life’s purpose, to be and share the light.