Let Love Flow

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Love reaches beyond our physical reality. Love has flow and frequency. Love is the continual energy that flows throughout all life. Love has the power to heal, restore and rejuvenate. When we increase the loving energy we send out to the world, everything positive in our lives increases - our wealth, our health, our wisdom and our connections to others.

It is important to consciously let love flow in our lives even when we feel pain, disappointment and frustration, for all these things come from a place of fear. These emotions can easily evolve into hatred, bitterness, jealousy and despair. By loving, in addition to accepting ourselves and others, we immediately begin to open our heart and raise our love vibration. This allows love to flow in our lives. Love is simple. When we increase the flow of love in our lives the increase in positive energy gives us access to our creativity, wisdom and inner guidance. This increase also allows us to view life's challenges from a different perspective. With the perspective of love we can detach from the situation allowing us to ride out the rest of the storm from a smoother vantage point.

Love is expansive. When we send love we can feel ourselves expanding outward as if we are overflowing. Love has no boundaries. Love can permeate all things. When we send out love to another we connect with them through our heart chakra. We can more deeply relate and communicate with that person or being. Love allows us to experience the feeling of oneness with all things.

Use this modified version of an ancient meditation practice to increase love’s flow in your life.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and sit or lie comfortably in a meditative position. Take a few deep breaths, breathing in fully andexhaling fully, allowing the stomach to rise and fall with each breath, relaxing your muscles and releasing any tension.
  2. Visualize a person, group or place where you wish to send love. As you continue breathing, on the inhale take that person into the center of your chest or your heart chakra. Hold your breath and allow your love for that person to fill your chest. Visualize the pink light of love emanating from your heart chakra and surrounding the person, group or place you have chosen to focus on.
  3. As you breathe out, send all the love you have just built up in your chest to the person. Visualize a channel of pink light flowing from your heart chakra to theirs and surrounding the person with the pink energy of love.
  4. Continue this process as you breathe; inhaling them into your heart, filling your chest with love and sending them love as you exhale.
  5. After doing this several times, reset your intention to allow yourself to receive love. As you breathe in, feel yourself receiving love, being filled with love, surrounded by love, healed by love, moved by love and empowered by love. Feel the energy and warmth of divine love. Notice anything that comes to mind, reflecting on it briefly. Continue breathing, sending love and receiving love.


Repeat this process of sending and receiving love as many times as you are guided to do so. As you become more comfortable, expand the people to whom you send love.  Include those you are close to and those for whom you have negative emotions. This will actually raise your emotional state from one of anger, frustration, fear or pain to one of love. You can also practice sending love to and receiving love from the entire earth. Most importantly don't forget to love yourself! Try this mediation with you as the focal point receiving unconditional love from your higher soul.

It can be helpful to use this meditation before entering a meeting or stressful situation. Breathe in the energy of love. Affirm, ”Everyone in this room loves me”. Breathe out love to everyone in the room or who will be in a future meeting. Visualize the room filled with the pink energy of love and yourself surrounded by this loving energy. This will shift your energy and emotional state as well as that of all the others involved, creating a much more positive and successful meeting for everyone. Give it a try! Send out more love! Remember the law of attraction: love attracts more love!