Managing Mind and Body through Meditation

Ways to Manage Your Symptoms

Scientific studies show that meditation restructures the brain providing many neurological benefits. These exciting benefits can be seen in a few short weeks and can have a dramatic impact in your life. For people with challenging symptoms of illness or aging, the benefits of meditation can negate or lessen the need for medication and make the symptoms more manageable. Documented physical changes in the brain include: changes in the volume of grey matter; regulation of emotions and cognitive ability; decreased activity in parts of the brain that increase anxiety and cause our thoughts to wander; enhanced synapses or connections within the brain. These enhanced synapses improve memory, spatial reasoning, problem solving and the ability to juggle multiple tasks. The changes in the brain improve overall function and how you respond to stimuli. Through meditation we can train our brain to better manage symptoms of illness and aging. Here are 6 areas where meditation techniques are proven to improve the quality of your life.