Moving into Multifunctional Consciousness

There is so much change happening around us and in our lives at this time. It is important to understand that it is no surprise so many of us are feeling drained and tired. As the Earth is going through its changes, our bodies are also shifting on all levels. This can increase the stress on our systems causing us to feel exhausted. You may be finding it hard to sleep despite the fact that you are so tired, or finding it hard to wake up, feeling as if you have not slept at all! According to Celia Fenn, “Archangel Michael explains that there are three different processes that cause the fatigue. These are emotional body cleansing, detoxification of physical and subtle bodies, and the development of our multifunctional consciousness.” What is multifunctional consciousness? Consciousness can be defined as a state of awareness. Operating with multifunctional consciousness can be defined as functioning on many different levels of consciousness or awareness.