The ABC’s of Karma: How does karma really work?

Karma is a complex and often misunderstood concept.  One reason for this is that a full understanding of karma and how it plays out cannot be fully understood by our 3D mind.  Karma is the law of cause and effect. Every thought and every action is a cause which produces an effect. We often try to simplify karma as an eye for an eye. For example you poke someone, you get poked back. The concept of karma is far more complex than that. Karma is an energetic balancing. Every thought, every action creates energy which causes a ripple effect through time and space. Like a boomerang the energy comes back around and karma, both positive and negative, must be consumed to balance that energy.

Our higher soul helps to regulate the karmic balancing based on a soul’s evolution. Along with other forces, our higher soul determines the working out of certain karmic debt in a particular lifetime that would also support the life purpose of that specific lifetime.  The soul provides us with a vehicle and a road map full of possibilities for each lifetime. The soul’s intention is that we will achieve our life purpose in that lifetime.  It might not happen because we have free will to make our own choices however the potentiality is skewed in our favor. Most people unconsciously are guided and try to achieve their soul’s life purpose while also clearing karmic debts through present actions during their lifetime.

One might think that the further evolved a soul becomes or the more lifetimes one has lived, the fewer karmic debts there are to be cleared so each lifetime should become a little easier. Unfortunately it actually works quite the opposite.  As our soul evolves we become stronger and are able to handle a heavier load. During earlier reincarnations it takes longer for karma to come back around, perhaps taking several lifetimes, because we have not evolved to the level where we have the ability to clear the karma. The more evolved we become the more we can handle. Hence often those souls who are more evolved and have lived more lifetimes carry the heaviest karmic loads.

As you evolve you are able to burn karma more rapidly because you are able to carry more in one lifetime. You also may have chosen on a soul level to take on some group or world karma to help balance the karmic debts of society. This is a form of service and of love that more evolved souls often choose in the later reincarnations in order to accelerate the process of evolution.  This is why we often see souls who are nearing their final reincarnations carrying a karmic load that is very heavy and painful to bare.

The exciting thing about karma is that as we evolve we can also move to a place of consciously working with karma in our lives. By being aware of the law of cause and effect we can manage karma to an extent by trying to make choices that create the least amount of negative karma.  Through our heightened awareness we can change the way we cope with karma. Even though we cannot control the events, we can control our reactions to them. By choosing love and recognizing the karmic laws at play we can distance ourselves from the event not measuring it as good or bad or judging ourselves but by seeing it as what it is, a circumstance in life.

It is important to recognize that karmic events are not punishments or circumstances we must succumb to. By managing karma effectively we can recognize the events for what they are and choose to rise above the circumstance rather than allowing it to drag us down. Karma must not be used an excuse for an unfulfilled life. Freewill gives us the ability to choose our reaction to even the most difficult of circumstances. The more you focus on love and service you automatically distance yourself from the events and circumstances. By doing this the events and circumstances have less effect on your being, your attitude and your perspective on life.

Another conscious action to take as you clear karmic burdens is to focus on being of service.  To over simplify for the purposes of illustration, envision karma as a bank account of debts and credits that balance out. If you are incurring debits for some negative karma it makes sense that you want to create as many positive credits into your bank account as you can to offset those debits. In fact you may even want to think of it as creating a positive savings account of good karma to use when needed.  You can accrue positive credits by creating good karma through service, tithing and generally giving of yourself. The karmic lessons must still be learned and the karmic debt must still be cleared however offsetting the debt with positive karma can help smooth the ride.

When karma is understood as an energetic law of cause and effect it is possible to manage karmic circumstances much more effectively. The goal is not to avoid clearing negative karma. The goal is to be of service in clearing karmic debt, to learn the karmic lessons as quickly and painlessly as possible and to manage your reaction to circumstances in such a way that you are able to rise above the challenge. In doing this we are able to successfully fulfill our life purpose and evolve as a soul while still experiencing love and joy in our lives despite the karmic burdens carried in our lifetime.