5 Tips for Effectively Managing Temptation

Everyone experiences temptation, but here's how to control your reaction to it.

Everyone experiences temptation in life. Commercials, advertisements and marketing campaigns tempt us every day. Temptation is defined as a strong urge or desire to have or do something. Some temptations may be small in the grand scheme of life and others so big that they can be literally life changing if we give in to them. Anything that dangles the carrot of a more pleasurable experience can create the feeling of temptation. No matter the life area: career, finances, relationships, health or lifestyle, there will be temptations from time to time.

It is not always easy to recognize temptation especially when it is in disguise. Marketing campaigns are especially skilled at manipulating your temptation triggers without you even realizing it. Know your triggers. Know what tempts you. Identify your strengths and admit your weaknesses. From a particular food, to an addiction, to a romantic interest identify the source of your temptation. Admit you are tempted. Own your feelings about it. We all have our triggers to temptation. This is nothing to be ashamed of. To reprogram your response however you must get real with yourself about what your temptation triggers are and if you really want to reprogram them. Read more at CLICK HERE