Spiritual Rejuvenation: How to Create a Personal Retreat

We all have times in our lives when we veer from the path. Your spiritual practice becomes more sporadic than consistent. Things in your life are going as smoothly as they once did. You find yourself experiencing excessive amounts of stress, anger, worry or frustration way too often and are just unable to let it go. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, now is the time to pause and devise a plan to get back on track. It is time to develop a plan to rejuvenate your spirit.

It is important to make the time to rejuvenate and refresh your energy periodically. You must make yourself a priority. Making time for yourself to pause and go within in order to refocus and re-energize is a key factor in achieving daily success. Utilize the process of rejuvenation as an opportunity to release what is no longer working for you, to reawaken your passion and to recommit to your spirit.

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