10 Influential Saints and Their Legends

Each of these saints has an amazing life story that will inspire your faith.

In today’s society a Saint is most commonly associated with the Catholic Church. While the Catholic Church does not maintain a definitive list of named saints, the number is easily over 10,000. However saints are not just related to the Catholic Church, many religions and cultures have identified individuals as saints and we as a culture have embraced those individuals and their life stories.

It is often said the church does not make a saint, God does. Individuals who become names as saints most often demonstrate the qualities of being a positive role model and teacher who exemplifies generous and unselfish behavior. Often saints are believed in their lifetime to be channels for God in some fashion. Saints are believed to have a life mission where they intercede for the salvation of others and help humanity to evolve. In many cases the life of the saint, over time, becomes something of legend that inspires, guides us toward our truth and tells of the time in which they lived.

Saints at times are chosen by a specific group or cause because of the values that saint espoused to be the Patron Saint for the group or cause. While saints are not to be prayed to or worshiped, often we keep pictures or statues of those saints whose struggles or virtues are relevant to what we face in our own lives nearby just as we keep pictures of our ancestors nearby in order to magnify the feeling that they are close to us especially in times of crisis. The following ten saints are shared across many religions and cultures. Learn about their lives and virtues to find a saint that can help to motivate and inspire you along life’s journey. To read more of this article click on this: 10 Influential Saints and Their Legends