7 Steps to Protecting Your Relationship From Infidelity

Don’t let your marriage become a statistic.

Infidelity is such a hot topic in today’s society. The most important thing to know about infidelity is that what constitutes this type of betrayal is in the eye of the beholder. While a form of physical betrayal is most commonly thought of when the word infidelity is used, emotional betrayals can be just as damaging and in many cases even more detrimental to the relationship. Emotional betrayal can include sharing your partner’s secrets or your deeper thoughts and emotions with another. For many the pain of an emotional betrayal cuts far deeper than a physical betrayal.

When experiencing a deep betrayal a person can feel like they are going insane. Obsessive thoughts, intense pain and our deepest fears creep to the surface causing us to respond irrationally. Often our reaction to a betrayal can be completely out of character and a shock to everyone around us, including ourselves! When walking through this process you may feel completely alone which is only exacerbated by the guilt and shame society inflicts on the victim. This often causes the victim to retreat into isolation even further at a time when they most need support and comfort from others.

With the current divorce rate in the US hovering somewhere between 40 to 50 percent, taking steps to strengthen your relationship and proactively protect it from infidelity are important steps to take in a proactive effort to make your relationship last.

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