7 Signs the Angels Are Guiding You

If you pause to look, you will notice the small signs that angels are with you.

An angel is a spiritual being who serves as a messenger of God. Angels deliver messages of wisdom, inspiration and support to each of us at different times in our lives. Often angels communicate by sending signs to guide and encourage us along our paths. These signs may or may not be recognizable to us at the time. Angelic messages are perfectly timed coming to us at just the right moment. The messages can be hints, nudges, provide specific answers, messages of support and encouragement or warnings. The messages are sometimes repetitive and delivered over a period of time. Signs of angelic guidance appear out of the ordinary often with a unique personal meaning. The key to receiving angelic guidance is to notice the signs that are being sent to us so that we can interpret the meaning of each sign for ourselves and apply the angelic guidance to our lives.

There are many different ways that angels may communicate with each of us including visions, dreams, hearing a voice, and through signs. Receiving angelic guidance through signs that have a symbolic significance to the receiver is the most common form of angelic communication. The following are 7 of the most common signs of angelic guidance and what they mean.

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