5 Breathing Exercises to Boost Your Energy

These simple breathing techniques will help perk you up.

Breathing is one of our most critical bodily functions. While we can live for months or weeks without food or water but a fresh supply of oxygen is required every few minutes for us to survive. Breathing is not only important physiologically but also has great power spiritually. The bible speaks of how God breathed the breath of life into Adam in the story of creation in Genesis. Some translations of the bible state that it is from the breath of God that we receive life. In Hebrew the word for breath also means life. The Greek language also has a word for breath that is analogous to spirit. In the book of John, Jesus draws an analogy between the breeze and the Holy Spirit blessing an individual. The power of breath has been known and respected in many cultures and belief systems for thousands of years.

The act of breathing has an impact on both our emotional and physiological states. Conscious breathing can help to rebalance our mind and body, reconnecting us to Spirit. When we consciously practice breathing we are able to relax and sent larger amounts of oxygen to every cell in the body, especially the brain. At the same time the act of breathing includes exhaling poisonous carbon dioxide from our systems thereby cleansing our system as we also nourish it with oxygen. Practicing any of the following conscious breathing exercises even for just 1 minute will re-energize, re-focus, and reconnect you to your purpose, allowing you to proceed with our day refreshed and with a clearer mind...

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