Who is My Guardian Angel?

Learn how to make contact with the angel that watches over you.

Have you ever wondered, “Who is my guardian angel?” Psalm 91:10-12 speaks of a heavenly spirit assigned by God to watch over us. We all have at least one guardian angel; some may have more than one guardian angel assigned to us in our lifetime. Our guardian angels seek to guide and protect us as we go through our lives. The concept of guardian angels dates back thousands of years across many faiths. In the Bible we find many stories where angels act as guides or intercessors. Angels are spiritual beings who do not incarnate in human form. They are not deceased relatives but powerful spiritual beings assigned by God to help us along our journey. Thomas Aquinas said, “ On this road man is threatened by many dangers both from within and without, and therefore as guardians are appointed for men who have to pass by an unsafe road, so an angel is assigned to each man as long as he is a wayfarer.”

And yet the question still remains “Who is my guardian angel?” Is it someone I know or have a connection with? Does everyone have one? Does my guardian angel have a name? How do I communicate with my guardian angel? You are on the right track. Building your connection with your guardian angel can also help you to strengthen your relationship with God. Your guardian angel loves you and is interested helping you to get answers to your questions. Guardian angels love to support you by providing guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Here is how to connect with your guardian angel and answers to some of your important questions...

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